Jason Amores

Jason was born on a balmy Florida Friday, June 26, 1981, in Naples, Fla. He died protecting the freedoms he so dearly loved far away from home and his beloved family in a place called Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan on Jan. 20, 2011. He was 29, the father of two children – Korbin, 9 and Violet, 4. Both Jason and his wife Jennifer grew up in Lehigh Acres, Fla.

Jason enlisted in the Marine Corps along with his brother Jeremiah. The Amores “twins” (they really are 3 1/2 years apart) went through Boot Camp together at Parris Island. Years of sibling wrestling matches and hours consumed playing paintball helped prepare the boys for some of the rigors found in Marine life.

When Jason was a youngster growing up in Lehigh Acres, Fla., he enjoyed playing Little League baseball from age five all the way through to high school. In high school. Jason was a member of the award-winning marching band – the Lightning – where he played tenor and baritone sax. Jason received the affectionate nickname “Mowgli” in his high school days due to the fact he had long black hair and ran around under the Florida sun with nothing on more than a smile most of the time. OK, his mother did make him wear a pair of shorts.

Jason had a few siblings and an “extended” non-traditional family that included (in chronological order) his sister Shoshana (Goldie), brother Jeremiah, sister Emerald, brother Joshua, sister Rebecca and sister Samantha. He learned, at an early age, that as the oldest sibling it was not only his privilege to annoy and pester his younger siblings, but it was his duty to watch over them.

As a squad leader in the Corps, Jason listened to his innate and compelling drive to watch over his “men.” It was what he did and did well. On and off the field of combat.

At the Remembrance Day ceremonies held to honor the Darkhorse Fallen on April 29, 2011, Lt. Col. Jason Morris, battalion commander said, “Sgt. Amores was that true Marine hero who always ran to the sound of gunfire.”

Jason sought to always protect his specific Boys of 3/5 and this is what he did each and every day deployed in Afghanistan where such heroic and selfless actions compelled the U.S. government to posthumously award him the Bronze Star with Valor.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends..”

- John 15:13

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  1. Thank so much from a 1/5 Mom…..I can’t thank you enough! We will never forget!!

  2. I loved him with all my heart and he will be dearly missed. My husband and children loved him, too. I’m so glad we made as many memories as we did throughout our life as children and adults. It was my dream for our children to grow up together and they did for a few years, so they have their own memories and I thank God for that. Jason. I love and miss you, All the boys who gave their lives, were injured and still fighting -please be safe and my prayers are with you.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your son. We will never forget. God bless you.

  4. Jason was a friend of my daughters Jd and Elizabeth Badillo. He came over the house often and was a very respectful young boy. As the years flew by he became a young man of character and integrity. He was always welcomed by my wife and I. His visits were a breth of fresh air because even tho he came to visit our daughters he was always very cheerful and conversed with my wife and I and he engaged us with many hours of a kindness and gentleness that is rare. He was loan to all of us as a kind, loving and gentle soul. a sort of wisdom beyond his years type of person whose smile and reflective manners l will never forget. Many years later l saw him in Wal-Mart with one of his children and l had a moment of hesitation recognizing him. He came right over and said hello to me and immediately l realized who l was looking at. He had not changed, he was still the same gentleman l had grown to admire. God Bless you Jason for your friendship to our family. See you when we get to The Fathers House.

  5. Happy 30th Birthday Bubba!!!

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